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Device Repairs

High quality repairs with certificated
parts and professionals, at affordable prices

New Devices

Looking to upgrade ? You're in luck ! Offering many solutions to fit your need at an affordable price. Email us today.

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Providing both professional on-site and local services to fit any need.


Repairs and installations come with a 30 day labor warranty

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Need a Device Fixed?

We specialize in troubleshooting, servicing and repairing a wide variety of hardware and software-related personal computer issues and computer network problems.

Issues that typically require computer repair include failed hardware components, software bugs, driver incompatibilities, spyware and malware problems, network connectivity problems, operating system upgrades, and complete computer overhauls. If you are experiencing any of these problems, give us a call! We are here for you.


  • I am proud to say that I will be a returning customer to CyberBenchPro for their great product selection and unbeatable prices. Hope to see more products on their webpage soon.

    - Ryan Teer

  • Price was more reasonable than I expected! Tyler was knowledgeable about the problem and how to fix it. He was even able to fix a problem with my phone's camera at no additional cost... Skip the big stores and go to CyberBenchPro (Atx-Pcdirect,Inc).

    - Seth Woodward

  • Phone was fixed very timely manner. Repair looks very good and functional. Tyler was very helpful in getting parts and explaining to me what exactly needed to be fixed. If I need anything fixed I cannot do my self I will return.

    - Seth Jones

  • Thanks so much for your services! I was well informed and the price was right. I appreciate your business! Ill recommend ANYONE to you guys.

    - Tim Shea